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hello: Opening Day

The opening was a complete success! If you missed it, don't worry. The exhibition continues into November, so come visit! The easiest way to get there is via a short walk across the 103rd Street footbridge from Manhattan. Once you're on Randall's Island, I will greet you with hello. As the weekend approaches again, this time for the Governor's Ball, I also look forward to the many visitors ahead over the next several months.

As for the opening, what a perfect day! Along with signed, postcard-prints of my sculpture, I also gave out these baby succulents, which kids love.

Dogs love art too.

Many activities happening on Randall's Island, including art, sports, barbecuing, urban farming, and great views.

It really was a perfect day. The sun was shining with blue sky. People kept asking me questions about my project. Perhaps the best comments I heard were: "I love it so much it's my wallpaper;" "I can see something like this in MoMA;" and "My daughter named her plant Sharon."

The Director of Curatorial and Education Programs at the Bronx Museum came to visit.

Friends came out too.

And, so did the Senior Director of Planning for RIPA. This whole art festival was a huge undertaking and involved much planning, to say the least, so thank you for this opportunity and such a great day.

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The Artist

Sharon Ma(b. 1979, San Jose, California)

Sharon Ma creates works of art that combine elements of photography, archaeology, and sculpture to show how people curate their lives and experiences. She compares the transience of human life to the ever-changing form of nature. Her works point at the human quest for immortality, the personalization of everyday things and their elevation into grandeur, and the evolving definition of self against shifting environments. Ma studied at New York University (BA, 2002), Yale University (MA research, 2006), and New School University (MFA, 2013).

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