Sharon Ma

hello: Leaf Peeping

Renovations are complete. Time to leaf peep!

Succulents are gone and leaves are falling!

Thanks for stopping by with lunch and leaves! Both well needed.

Somehow fallen leaves attached themselves onto my sculpture. Must be MAgic!

Restoration is a dirty process, which has given me glue-y, white hair and dirt on my face.

Check out the progress I've made!

Someone asked me if this is a memorial. In a sense, it is; to ourselves and to our neighbors.

All different, yet all the same. Everyone is unique.

Finally finished. Hello and good night.

hello survived the summer months and much love since its installation in May. With the change of season, I embraced a new medium and kept with my original theme of having the land speak and still making it interactive with visitors. Special thanks to the Public Programs department (Jesse, Rachel, and Mel) for being so instrumental throughout the season, especially during the renovation phase. Can't wait to see and learn more about what's happening, so please come visit and #exploreRandallsIsland #hello #SharonMa

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The Artist

Sharon Ma(b. 1979, San Jose, California)

Sharon Ma creates works of art that combine elements of photography, archaeology, and sculpture to show how people curate their lives and experiences. She compares the transience of human life to the ever-changing form of nature. Her works point at the human quest for immortality, the personalization of everyday things and their elevation into grandeur, and the evolving definition of self against shifting environments. Ma studied at New York University (BA, 2002), Yale University (MA research, 2006), and New School University (MFA, 2013).

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