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hello: The Idea Comes to Life - Grand Opening THIS Saturday, May 30

It's hard to imagine that it was only 5 months ago when I went to the information session and tour of Randall's Island Park. Now, there stands a 10-ft tall idea come to life.

From the idea...

To maquette...

To real life.

When I envisioned hello, I wanted to create something that would encapsulate the island's location and its surrounding neighborhoods as well as capture the history and all the activities it has today. I also wanted the art piece to extend the photographic medium and have the land speak. Remembering back to the information session, projects were asked to be fun and quirky. I believe I did all these things, especially after hearing people whom have stopped to tell me how beautiful this installation is, how it's a wonderful surprise, or just saying, "hello" to everyone they see when they take a photograph with it, or simply smile as they pass by.

I might be the MAstermind behind this ambitious project, but this entire endeavor would not have been possible without the financial and physical support from: Randall's Island Park Alliance (RIPA), the Bronx Museum, Made Event, NYC Parks, The Hurwitz Family, The Ma Family, Joe Ranieri and his woodworking students at The School of Architecture and Construction Trades (ACT), Deb Unger and her turf crew (Pete, Junior, Tom, and Elliot), Antonette Asedillo, Chelsey Morell Denny, Jared Gniewek, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, and Leah Schnelbach. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now come see what all the fuss was about!

Grand opening of FLOW.15 is:

Saturday, May 30

1-3 PM

Randall's Island Park, New York, NY


Activities begin at the welcome tent and bike rental, located at the 103rd Street footbridge landing. Come check out my installation, along with 4 other artists (Nicholas Fraser, Rob Swainston, Rica Takashima, and David J. Wilson) and their works around the island. As part of the opening day festivities, I will give away signed, postcard-sized photo prints to the first 50 people who show me in person that they've shared their photo posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with any of these tags: #exploreRandallsIsland #helloSharon #SharonMa @smafoto

Limited edition of 50. Signed, sealed, and sticker-ed.

IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING "where or who are we", here's some helpful information for your visit:

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The Artist

Sharon Ma(b. 1979, San Jose, California)

Sharon Ma creates works of art that combine elements of photography, archaeology, and sculpture to show how people curate their lives and experiences. She compares the transience of human life to the ever-changing form of nature. Her works point at the human quest for immortality, the personalization of everyday things and their elevation into grandeur, and the evolving definition of self against shifting environments. Ma studied at New York University (BA, 2002), Yale University (MA research, 2006), and New School University (MFA, 2013).

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