Sharon Ma

hello: Damage - At least it's minimal

This past weekend thousands of people, including Drake, Bjork,The Black Keys, St Vincent, and Weird Al, came for The Governor's Ball Music Festival on Randall's Island, which meant that a ton of fans walked across the 103rd Street footbridge and were greeted with hello. YES, THESE PLANTS ARE REAL. Please don't pluck, squash, or climb. You break it, you just bought the entire sculpture. Thank you!

Regular maintenance to see how the succulents are doing.

Looks like some of them were plucked out of their pockets. Many of which were on the bottom half of the letters.

Some UBER trash...

And some squashed succulents. The best place to stand is actually near the path if you want to get the entire sculpture.

Grass is coming in nicely around the letters, but it seems that all the succulents that were planted behind the letters were either uprooted, stomped on, or missing. Some of them were thrown from the front to behind the letters too.

Meanwhile, the succulents that are too far to reach are thriving. Check out the blooms on that middle one. It's almost reaching the sky!

All in all, there was minimal damage. Hopefully, for the rest of the season, people will be nice, so the plants can grow more and other people can enjoy it too.

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The Artist

Sharon Ma(b. 1979, San Jose, California)

Sharon Ma creates works of art that combine elements of photography, archaeology, and sculpture to show how people curate their lives and experiences. She compares the transience of human life to the ever-changing form of nature. Her works point at the human quest for immortality, the personalization of everyday things and their elevation into grandeur, and the evolving definition of self against shifting environments. Ma studied at New York University (BA, 2002), Yale University (MA research, 2006), and New School University (MFA, 2013).

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