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Research: Laying out the Signs, continued

from notes I have about the cities I'm planning on naming for All Consuming:

Research: Laying out the Signs

Since I first conceived this project, I've been keeping a list of 'Extinct Cities' and the first thing that surprised me are how many cities have bit the dust. Every part of the world, every time period, city after city knuckles under and disappears. The reasons are varied: marauding conquerors, earthquakes, destruction of natural resources, volcanoes...the list is long.

For All Consuming, I've tried to select cities from a broad range of periods and locations. Some perished many millennia ago, others in the last century. Google Earth made measuring the physical distance to these lost cities a straight forward task. What isn't so easy is always knowing exactly where that city was located.

These images are Google Earth views showing the measuring lines from the site of the installation to the dead cities, red for sign 1, yellow for sign 2

All Consuming-Early Stages: Research, Pricing, & Scheduling

All Consuming finally has a home! The southern end of Randall's Island, with an amazing view of the city from the middle of the East River. A perfect site.

Now the hard part: to actually make this happen, and with only 3 months and $10K to do it all! So no time to waste. I've been putting together budgets, researching materials and tools and heavy equipment. I've consulted with naturalists, engineers and architects and turf managers. I've made a thousand phone calls, a long detailed spreadsheet with extensive notes and expenses. I've made arrangements for a mini-residency at Sculpture Space in Utica to fabricate the arrow-frames. I've scheduled vacation time from my day-job at York College/CUNY (a full-time gig) to focus on the fabrication for a week in mid April. I'll take the rest of my vacation (and what ever other days I can get away with) to do the installation in May. 

And there's a good chance I'll not get paid a dime for my efforts. Yeah being a New York artist is so glamorous. Welcome to the real world kiddos....


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The Artist

Nicholas Fraser(b. 1969, Lakenheath, United Kingdom)

Nicholas Fraser's projects combine and recast texts and phrases from sources elevated and mundane. He explores our compulsion to communicate and the gap between what we intend to say and what's expressed. Often site specific and highly ephemeral, his work draws connections between histories and issues of the moment, making us aware of our position in a wider continuum.

Fraser began filming storefronts in 2010 for the ongoing project Fronts, collecting a comprehensive video-based, web accessible lexicon that also functions as a manifold portrait of contemporary street-scapes. He earned his BFA at the Atlanta College of Art (1995) and his MFA at SVA (2008).

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