Nicholas Fraser

Poles arrive, Deb and crew perform Miracles of Levitation in their Erection, Concrete seals the deal

All the way from Texas, the four poles that Rob Swainston and I are using in our projects arrived last week. They're formidable-between 500-700 lbs each, 24' long. Deb's amazing turf crew helped us pull em off the truck and stage them near the holes. A few days later Deb pulled some strings and got these bohemeths upright and in the ground. We leveled and braced them, called in our concrete guy and were done by 2 pm. 


Special thanks to Deb, Matt and the rest of the turf crew, as well as the FODs (friends of Deb)...

the poles have arrived!! Now how do we get em down?

Deb and Matt and friends

Bracing the poles for concrete's imminent arrival

Concrete in place. Poles will soon be ready for the signs.

a local resident...

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The Artist

Nicholas Fraser(b. 1969, Lakenheath, United Kingdom)

Nicholas Fraser's projects combine and recast texts and phrases from sources elevated and mundane. He explores our compulsion to communicate and the gap between what we intend to say and what's expressed. Often site specific and highly ephemeral, his work draws connections between histories and issues of the moment, making us aware of our position in a wider continuum.

Fraser began filming storefronts in 2010 for the ongoing project Fronts, collecting a comprehensive video-based, web accessible lexicon that also functions as a manifold portrait of contemporary street-scapes. He earned his BFA at the Atlanta College of Art (1995) and his MFA at SVA (2008).

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