Nicholas Fraser

Opening Day and an Introduction to my New Collaborators

Opening day on May 30th was windy but beautiful and I talked to many folks about All Consuming. Almost everyone wondered how long the letters will last, something to which I can only guess. I'm eager to see how they faired after Sunday's heavy rains.

The birds are doing their part, with a selection of sparrows (?) and pigeons helping themselves to a feast. 

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The Artist

Nicholas Fraser(b. 1969, Lakenheath, United Kingdom)

Nicholas Fraser's projects combine and recast texts and phrases from sources elevated and mundane. He explores our compulsion to communicate and the gap between what we intend to say and what's expressed. Often site specific and highly ephemeral, his work draws connections between histories and issues of the moment, making us aware of our position in a wider continuum.

Fraser began filming storefronts in 2010 for the ongoing project Fronts, collecting a comprehensive video-based, web accessible lexicon that also functions as a manifold portrait of contemporary street-scapes. He earned his BFA at the Atlanta College of Art (1995) and his MFA at SVA (2008).

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