Kant Smith

Framework Takes Shape

With the concrete footings set, we could finally move ahead with the framework.

Nate braces the roof ridge.

Building this sculpture required an endless amount of cutting and drilling, and some questionable fashion choices. 

One of only a couple of deviations from standard fence hardware: a custom fitting made in the shop makes the "bay window" roof peak possible.

Work on site was practically non-stop for four weeks, with any shop work squeezed in late at night.  Here, a custom-rolled, very heavy schedule 40 pipe needs some adjustment for a perfect fit over the doorway to Ghost House.  My neighbor's driveway bollards prove to be up to the task (barely).

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The Artist

Kant Smith(b. 1983, Lafayette, Lousiana)

Kant Smith's work explores sublimated brutality in the cultural imagination through a re-contextualization of media and objects. A central concern of the work is the schism between the horrific mayhem of warfare and the corresponding narratives—of victimization, mastery, and retribution—circulated by cinema and virtual reality. Through various formal strategies, including appropriated documents, manipulated video, fabricated sculpture, and self-illuminated paintings, Smith examines the language of virtual and symbolic violence. By creating an absurd rupture in this continuum, his work pries at the intricate barbarity of American media. He studied at the Cooper Union (BFA, 2006).

For More Information

Website: wilfredkantsmith.com