Kant Smith

Chain Link Fence At Long Last

After much anticipation, the moment finally arrives to attach the chain link mesh.

Installing chain link in a triangular pattern is a skill we must painstakingly learn through two days of trial and error.  Here, we have finally mastered the process.

Peering down from our rickety double-height scaffolding.

It gets hard to stay focused when spring is in full bloom and jerk chicken is being barbecued just steps away!

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The Artist

Kant Smith(b. 1983, Lafayette, Lousiana)

Kant Smith's work explores sublimated brutality in the cultural imagination through a re-contextualization of media and objects. A central concern of the work is the schism between the horrific mayhem of warfare and the corresponding narratives—of victimization, mastery, and retribution—circulated by cinema and virtual reality. Through various formal strategies, including appropriated documents, manipulated video, fabricated sculpture, and self-illuminated paintings, Smith examines the language of virtual and symbolic violence. By creating an absurd rupture in this continuum, his work pries at the intricate barbarity of American media. He studied at the Cooper Union (BFA, 2006).

For More Information

Website: wilfredkantsmith.com