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Crates are ready to ship from Chile!!

Everything is ready to be shipped from Chile, two big crates being picked up by the shipping company. Can't wait to get it here in NY and start assembling!

Spray booth and masks, ready to go!

All tires will be first coated with white Plastidip paint, to ensure durability and adherence of the paint to rubber.

Power washing tires..

Before I could get started with painting the tires, I needed to wash them so that the paint will adhere properly. The idea of cleaning 80 tires inside my studio, brush them and rinse them was very overwhelming and hard to envision. Thankfully, I asked the super of my studio building and he advised me to do it at EFA Blackburn Printmaking studio because there they have a small outdoor space that would be good for it. To my favor, not only they said yes, but they also allowed me to use a power wash machine that they had inside the silkscreen lab. This made the whole process way easier, less messy and faster. 


80 tires in my studio!

And thanks to what we learned at the recycling center, we knew how to optimize space when stacking the tires inside my studio.

First U-Haul truck driving experience!

It was my first time driving a big U-haul in NYC! I was a bit nervous before hand, but then discovered it was actually not hard at all. This was good to know cause there is definitely more truck driving to come!

We arrived safely back to my studio, with the first mission accomplished: 80 tires were already mine! My studio is located in midtown manhattan, so unloading the truck was another adventure, but it all worked out perfectly. (None of this would have been posssible without the help of my friend David Pena) Big thanks to the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts staff who also helped me expedite the unloading process!

The Artist

Denise Treizman(b. 1979, Santiago, Chile)

Denise Treizman creates work that repurposes found and ready-made objects spontaneously encountered during her daily life. These materials become part of sculptures that are endlessly in flux. Conceived in a playful and intuitive manner, the work examines ideas of informality, improvisation, and new forms of abstract assemblage. In her process, Treizman embraces chance, explores material relationships and mostly uses what is at hand. Utilizing society’s excess, her work emphasizes an overly consumerist culture where materials are easily disposed of. She asks the viewer to examine how worthless materials can present themselves as unexpected art experiences. Treizman studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (BBA, 2002) and the School of Visual Arts (MFA, 2013).

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