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Installation day 3- Keep bolting!

Working on site with David and Shirel...still bolting tires together!  Thanks for the help!!!!

Installation day 2 - bolting tires

Started the day buying some materials and found this amazing orange chain that I will use instead of the regular silver one! Then back to the island and bolting. I think we have completed 1/3 of the links..

Installing on site - day 1

After laying all tires down and deciding the composition, we are ready to start bolting them!  It takes a long time, on the first day we only linked 4...for tomorrow we will get better tools to see if we can improve the speed.  

Thank you Shirel and David for all the help!!

Hello Randall's Island!!

Tires have arrived, so excited!!! Laying them out, playing a little bit and then wrapped them under tarp for now...until we are  back tomorrow to start assembling..


*photo credits: David Peña

Moving day has arrived!! (for tires)

It was a pretty stressful process, to get everything in the U-haul, drive, unload, etc. It all worked out perfectly and nothing would have been possible without the help of Alex (EFA super) and my friend David! 

The tires looked great inside the elevator! Inspiration for a future piece..

The Artist

Denise Treizman(b. 1979, Santiago, Chile)

Denise Treizman creates work that repurposes found and ready-made objects spontaneously encountered during her daily life. These materials become part of sculptures that are endlessly in flux. Conceived in a playful and intuitive manner, the work examines ideas of informality, improvisation, and new forms of abstract assemblage. In her process, Treizman embraces chance, explores material relationships and mostly uses what is at hand. Utilizing society’s excess, her work emphasizes an overly consumerist culture where materials are easily disposed of. She asks the viewer to examine how worthless materials can present themselves as unexpected art experiences. Treizman studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (BBA, 2002) and the School of Visual Arts (MFA, 2013).

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