Denise Treizman

Installation day 5- painted acylic cirles, hole digging and installing pipes. Also..still bolting!

First Danny helped me by cuting off an inner circle from the acrylic circles.  This pieces we are making will be used for a more aesthetical termination, in the part where the cable and chains come off the grass. 

Then the Randall's Island's Turf staff helped my with digging the holes to anchor the pipe tubes. Finally, the tubes were installed and anchored to the ground, but I still don't want to uncover them!

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The Artist

Denise Treizman(b. 1979, Santiago, Chile)

Denise Treizman creates work that repurposes found and ready-made objects spontaneously encountered during her daily life. These materials become part of sculptures that are endlessly in flux. Conceived in a playful and intuitive manner, the work examines ideas of informality, improvisation, and new forms of abstract assemblage. In her process, Treizman embraces chance, explores material relationships and mostly uses what is at hand. Utilizing society’s excess, her work emphasizes an overly consumerist culture where materials are easily disposed of. She asks the viewer to examine how worthless materials can present themselves as unexpected art experiences. Treizman studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (BBA, 2002) and the School of Visual Arts (MFA, 2013).

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