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Preliminary Stone Stacking

We stacked the first "stones" today in the studio to get a sense of how the project will come together. Very happy with the initial results. 

Meanwhile, progress continues on the rest of the stones....

Mosaic, All the Time Mosaic!

Mosaic is a slow art form - even mosaicists forget just how slow.  At this stage in the project, I make mosaic every day from morning to night in order to cover my sculptural stones with real stone tiles in time for the opening. I'm using a combination of different marbles - Carrara (the stone from which the David is sculpted), Travertine (which clads so much of Roman architecture), Onyx (the white of the figure in an old cameo), Bianco Perlino, Botticino, and others. By using multiple white stones from different parts of the earth, I create a more complex, more nuanced white. There are also small tiles of gold and colored glass from Venice, known as smalti, which will reflect the sun and water of the island and cause the piece to glitter in the light.

Construction: Day 2 - Concrete pour

The footings are now in place.  In twenty days construction of the frames will begin.  I would like to thank Craig Maldonado, James Burch, and Daniel Cobey, Cyian Brown, Sandy Thomas, and Peter Hunter for all of their hard work.

Construction: Day 1 - Excavation for footings







Final Construction Drawings

Final construction drawings with notes by engineer.  

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