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Meanwhile in the studio...fitting lids and special helpers!

I had to sand all the acrylic lids, cause they weren't fitting in the tubes...After a lot of patience and with the help of the rubber mallot, we did it!!! :)

I also had some special helpers from Chile (my nephews!!), here's some pictures of them in action!

Installation day 3- Keep bolting!

Working on site with David and Shirel...still bolting tires together!  Thanks for the help!!!!

17. Monument to a Missing Island

From Ronald's Johnson's Songs of the Earth (1970):




Copyright © 1970 by Ronald Johnson and 2000 by his estate.


16. Monument to a Missing Island

An exciting day. Got the first look at the sign panels carved by Spanjer Sign Corp. in Long Island City. (for background on the texts see blog post #11.




15. Monument to a Missing Island

This week was busy with site preparation. Digging the foundation and holes for the fence posts, stone delivery, and concrete pour. Everything is set for installation of the sculpture next week. Now I just need to finish the sculpture.....



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