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Installation days 6 & 7

Finishing up the tires, and finally filling up the fitness balls with sand! Each ball weights 60 pounds! 


Meanwhile, in the studio...

We're hard at work on the final pieces of the mosaic. These large stones, the base of each sculpture, are each several days' effort to cover in mosaic. 


Laying Foundations

I love working on the island. It's absolutely beautiful, even just as a backdrop for installation work! We're hard at work getting the site ready for the piece itself - digging holes for the supports and pouring concrete bases, bolting support poles in place, etc. Thanks to Peter Hunter, Deb Unger, and the Randall's Park Alliance ground crew, as well as NextGen cement, for all of their help!!

Rainy day one, digging the holes. New York in the fog:


Digging machines!


Day two: time for the cement.



My old faithful car, carrying extra bags of concrete to the site:

Installation day 5- painted acylic cirles, hole digging and installing pipes. Also..still bolting!

First Danny helped me by cuting off an inner circle from the acrylic circles.  This pieces we are making will be used for a more aesthetical termination, in the part where the cable and chains come off the grass. 

Then the Randall's Island's Turf staff helped my with digging the holes to anchor the pipe tubes. Finally, the tubes were installed and anchored to the ground, but I still don't want to uncover them!

Installation day 4- moving some tubes and working on site!

Some of the tubes have arrived to the island, but since we are not anchoring them yet, we had to cover them and surround them with "Caution" tape.

We also worked on bolting some more tires and advanced pretty quickly with 2 new team members, life-long friends from Chile: Fede and Danny.  Thank you, thank you!!

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