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In the Field

Today I spent a few hours on site doing the sculptural layout and marking where the digging will be done. It's such a beautiful spot, I couldn't be happier with this location for my piece. 


In the Studio

With the first phase of fabrication complete I have begun painting each sculpture. This is a pretty slow process as the paint needs to be built up in multiple layers. The base for each is roughly 5-8 coats of paint. The stripes are then another 5 coats. The drying time is a lot longer than I had expected. The material that the forms are made out of is a PVC plastic called AZEK and it requires much more cure time than wood. When completely dry, the combination of Acrylic paint and the PVC will make a very strong bond. This should keep the piece looking sharp in the outdoors...








Photos: Pepa Prieto

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