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Each block is carved with patterns inspired by the Triborough Bridge.  After they are carved they must dry slowly before the first firing.



Ceramic Building

All of the blocks that make up the posts of the fence are made out of porcelain.  They are all individually coil built.  There are over 50 individual sections that will make up the fence.


Ground Views

Views from the final site for Ground

Inner Structures - stools

The wood inner structures for the four stool forms are complete! They will sit together along the coast in a line. 

Designing the Inner Structure - Creating the templates

The bases will eventually be made of sustainably sourced plywood, but I had to first make a full sized 1:1 mock up out of cardboard for each chair. Those designs will then be traced on the plywood and cutout in the final wood forms.

A cross section of each part of the chair is combined in an interlacing lattice structure. Each section of the form was created separately and is removable. There are four chair designs: a single chair, a double bench, a lounger chair, and a stool. 

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