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Digging with Deb

This morning I met with Debbie Unger, the Icahn Stadium Turf Manager. Using this skidsteer and auger, she made quick work of the nine holes I needed dug for my project. She has serious skills as each hole was spot on. After she finished, I dug out the holes further to prepare them for the concrete footings and posts that will come next. 





Maping Chair Footprints

Final inner structures

The inner structures are now complete, made of sustainably harvested wood. Almost all of the studio work is now finished, and the next steps will be installing on Randall's Island. 

Glaze Firing

The second firing is the glaze firing. In order to determine the color palette for the sculpture it was necessary to do some glaze testing.  In this stage small amounts of glazes are fired on test tiles to determine the correct color and formula.  Once I determined the final glazes I was able to begin glazing the posts. Again it was necessary to seek out larger kilns for the glaze firings.  I would like to thank Judy Devitt at the Wortendyke Studio in Midland Park, NJ for allowing me to use her kilns to fire all 17 firings necessary to complete the project. 



Bisque Firing

After all of the porcelain parts are completely dry they are ready for the first firing, the bisque firing.  In this firing the clay becomes ceramic. The small kiln in my studio was not large enough to fire all of the parts of the sculpture.  I had to transport all of the parts to a much larger kiln where they could fit into only two firings.  I would like to thank Larry Bush, professor of Ceramics at the RISD Ceramics Department for allowing me to use their gigantic kilns.





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