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Final Assembly

With the help of Scott Chasse from Calico we were able to fasten all of the ceramic elements of the sculpture to the wood 4x4s.  It was a long three days from delivery of the ceramics to completion.  

Final Install

Early this morning we headed out to Randall's Island not sure what to expect of the weather. Luckily there was no rain and the site was in good shape. We started by setting the columns in place.

The connections between the footings and the internal posts in the sculptures needed to be drilled out and bolted in place. Thankfully Deb leant us a generator to power the drill so we could get through the 1/8 inch steel tubing. 


With all the columns locked in place, I started unwrapping the sculptures for the final reveal. 






Instillation Day 4 and 5

After placing the sod, the last step was to remove the layer of existing grass where the two forms met, so the forms meet seamlessly with the ground. 

Instillation Day 3

Instillation Day 3 - my instillation crew, the wonderful Allison and Julia, and I had ideal weather through the entire week. Thursday called for heavy rain, so we needed to get through laying sod by the end of the day. We were behind schedule, but Debbie Unger and her production crew from the Parks Department stepped in and brought us back to speed. Not only did they work hard and help us when we needed it, they made it fun. 

Thank you Deb, Charlie, Jose, Chi Chi, Husani, Wayne, Ron, and Jeff! 

All 10 forms were finished and filled with soil, and sod was laid down. To fit the sod to the different forms, the sod was handled as fabric, darted and cut to fit the specific space. 

Instillation Day 2

Instillation Day 2 was filling and packing the forms with dirt.

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