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Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute


With the cost of materials and installation growing, I would need to find additional sponsorship to see Ghost House realized according to the new specifications. 

I reached out to the Chain Link Fence Manufacturer's Institute (CLFMI), an industry group.  CLFMI develops safety and manufacturing standards for the industry, and seeks to promote the widespread and innovative use of chain link fence.  I became acquainted with CLFMI from their construction detailing publications while researching chain link fence construction guidelines for Ghost House.

Mark Levin, executive vice president of CLFMI, kindly offered to forward details about the Ghost House to CLFMI members, including the leading chain link fence providers in the USA.


THANK YOU Mark Levin for your generous help!!!


Permitting Required

A work permit issued by the Department of Buildings was deemed necessary for the Ghost House installation.

In addition to providing the design drawings, architect Mike Cetera also lent his support by securing the work permit through his 458 Construction Company.

Thank you Patrick Woods of the Department of Parks and Recreation for expediting this permit in no time flat!!!


Design Drawings

Ghost House Design Drawings Details Page


Due to the size and design of Ghost House, it would be necessary to develop plans signed and sealed by a registered architect or engineer.  I reached out to a former teacher, architect Rod Knox, for assistance.

As luck would have it, Rod is on the board of directors of Pro Bono Design, Open Space Initiative, an organization devoted to promoting good use of public space through smart design solutions.  Architect Mike Cetera, president of Pro Bono Design, generously agreed to provide the plans needed for Ghost House.

And thus began a long process of studying chain link fence industry standards and tweaking the design of Ghost House.  Post and footing sizes were increased accordingly; and on Mike's recommendation, welding was ruled out for all structural connections in favor of mechanical fittings.


HUGE THANKS to Mike Cetera for his patience and commitment to making Ghost House happen!!!!!

Design Drawings Part 2

The framework was stress tested virtually using AutoDesk Inventor

Finally I had an excuse to play with AutoDesk Inventor, which enabled virtual stress testing of the structure.


Careful planning of some unorthodox intersections


Sometimes the CAD software would have a freak out

Sometimes the CAD software would have a freak out


A complete set of design drawings was created in AutoCAD: viewable online here.


The Completed Work

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