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The Projects

City Pillars

Monogenis’s City Pillars will comprise seven striped rectilinear forms in varying dimensions, hovering just above the ground along the southern shoreline of Randall’s Island Prk.

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Untitled Folly

Raphael’s work at Randall’s Island Park will investigate the category of the ornamental and decorative, and the idea of an architectural “folly” in contrast to functional structures – expressing a juxtaposition found in the contrast of the Park’s lush green areas and meandering paths with the stanchions and steel of the massive RFK Triborough Bridge and the Island’s institutional, utilitarian buildings.

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To install Ground, Sanders will create ten sculpted earth chairs, in a variety of forms, within sight of one another along the coastline of Randall’s Island Park.

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Ghost House

Smith's Ghost House will sit on a bluff overlooking the Wards Meadow Fields at Randall's Island Park.

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The Blog

Ghost House

Photographer Michael Vahrenwald documented the project with some gorgeous photos, some of which are featured below.

Very nice work!!  Thank you Michael!!


Finishing Touches

On the brilliant suggestion of Debbie Unger, Randall's Island Park turf manager, I ordered up some sod for the Ghost House.  Deb generously sent some of her crew out one rainy afternoon to help get the sod placed.  

The sod would prove to be one of the critical parts of the Ghost House installation, making for incredibly inviting "carpeting" for the entire house.

Tremendous thanks to Deb for making this happen!!!!

Here, Charlie the sod master works his magic, making it look like this sod had been growing here happily all along.


Now at the eleventh hour, we are working regardless of the weather.

Chain Link Fence At Long Last

After much anticipation, the moment finally arrives to attach the chain link mesh.

Installing chain link in a triangular pattern is a skill we must painstakingly learn through two days of trial and error.  Here, we have finally mastered the process.

Peering down from our rickety double-height scaffolding.

It gets hard to stay focused when spring is in full bloom and jerk chicken is being barbecued just steps away!

RIPA Grounds Crew Work Their Magic

Debbie Unger, turf manager for Randall's Island Park, once again saves the day and sends in some of her grounds crew to restore the terrain, which before this morning was looking like a gnarly mess.

After just two hours, these guys leave behind a beautiful site.

Huge thanks to Deb and her crew!! 

Framework Takes Shape

With the concrete footings set, we could finally move ahead with the framework.

Nate braces the roof ridge.

Building this sculpture required an endless amount of cutting and drilling, and some questionable fashion choices. 

One of only a couple of deviations from standard fence hardware: a custom fitting made in the shop makes the "bay window" roof peak possible.

Work on site was practically non-stop for four weeks, with any shop work squeezed in late at night.  Here, a custom-rolled, very heavy schedule 40 pipe needs some adjustment for a perfect fit over the doorway to Ghost House.  My neighbor's driveway bollards prove to be up to the task (barely).

The Artists

Dean MonogenisDean Monogenis

Dean Monogenis explores situational relationships of otherwise incongruous elements, painting settings as utopias or fantasy environments.

Robert RaphaelRobert Raphael

Rob Raphael’s work draws from the complex history of decorative art, a tradition that both runs parallel to and is intertwined with the history of fine art.

Jessica SandersJessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders makes sculpture, installations, and paintings that investigate interactions through the filter of materials and physicality, focusing on matter which has an immediacy – wax, sugar, salt, clay, honey, hair, mud.

Kant SmithKant Smith

Kant Smith's work explores sublimated brutality in the cultural imagination through a re-contextualization of media and objects.