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Casting Continues, Metal Fabrication Commences

I've been continuing concrete casting and finalizing production schedules for other elements-- including starting work on the central paddle wheel component with fabricators at a metal shop.

Casting Process Continues

While the metal fabrication beings in upstate, I'm continuing to cast the life jackets at NYRP's LDC of Broadway Garden in Brooklyn.

I built the shed that I'm using there over 6 years ago out of salvaged materials, and had interdisciplinary Art/Dance/Music events there, too! 

Photos thanks to Eugenia Chun!

Numbers, Revealed

Measuring the vast distances and volumes of the solar system is a tricky business. Variables of physical forces such as the ovoid shape of Earth and the gravitational effect change numerical outcomes, albeit by small proportions. These seemingly empirical data, represented by numbers, are changeable and have been refined over centuries. Quantifying the universe is a main point of creative friction for my work.

I have reworked my original numbers for distances from the surface of the Earth to the center of each body. For the most part, these changes reflect more standardized computations agreed upon by institutions like NASA. The number for the Earth is fairly reliable, which makes sense since it is so much smaller than the sun and moon. Once the distance is stretched to measure to the Sun, scientists use a standardized unit for a mean distance, called an Astronomical Unit, or AU. (http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/glossary/au.html) The number I chose for the Sun portion of the sculpture is derived from this.

Laura Kaufman

Life Jacket Casting




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