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The Parts Become a Whole

In preparation for the upcoming Flow.12 Installation, the final parts of Awakening Asylum are coming together as matter almost magnetically inclined toward manifesting on the site.

"Energy factored by time equals art. Everything shaped by time is art."


Meet The Numbers

Yesterday I met my numbers. Michael Karmody of Stone Soup Concrete (Easthampton, MA) did an incredible job. The casts are flawless and have incredible presence. We also worked out logistical details for the install (they weigh 250 lbs each). As he promised, two people can move them with the right, low tech equipment. I joked with him that he was the kind of guy who made the pyramids possible. 

I have my crew together, the casts are done. Next up: drilling the underground registration templates...

Collage Window print process and Metal Cutting progress

As the warm weather suggests that it is high season for public sculpture installation work, I am finalizing proofs and pieces for next month's onsite assembly process.

The printed collage window's density decisions have been confirmed with a full size film proof, and the General Slocum paddle wheel inspired metal work is progressing on schedule!

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