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The Lifting

Wood Sanding and Metal Patina

Nearing completion...

Weathering the Posts, preparing for the Metal installation.

Sanded and loved on for Sunday's entire group workday, the beams are settling into their footings with the rains.

The concrete was thirsty, and the rubble/topsoil ground is re-establishing itself with gentle moisture.


Installation Complete

After a long day of heavy lifting, my sculpture is finished. Michael Karmody and I worked out the logistics of moving 6000 pounds of concrete 300 miles and then easing them into precision order. The templates worked beautifully, our low tech method of moving them made large machinery unnecessary. Friends with a lot of heart and brawn dedicated a sweaty day to the project. 

I owe tremendous thanks to Michael and his girlfriend Jennifer, Greg Reynolds (whose tremendous sculpture, Hey Poseidon, was a highlight of last year's FLOW projects), Jacob Rhodes (www.fieldprojectsgallery.com), and my husband, Matt Frieburghaus. Together we installed and repaired the site within a day. 

The results are spectacular, and I'm really looking forward to the response from visitors.

Laura Kaufman

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