FLOW.11 Artists

The Projects

Resident Alien

Inspired by the water tower situated on the Island, Andrew Chan's Resident Alien was positioned in proximity to the water tower so as to underscore the relationship between the extraterrestrial sculpture and its mothership, the water tower.

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Tenkenas Sash

Katherine Daniels' Tenkenas Sash was a site specific installation constructed of plastic ribbons woven into 8 x 400 feet of chain link fence.

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Hello There, Walking Away From It Ain't No Fun

Jongil Ma’s work reflected on Randall’s Island’s geographic role, by interpreting the Island as a physical and metaphorical bridge, exploring the interconnectivity of different spaces.

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Hey Poseidon

To construct Hey Poseidon, Gregory Reynolds installed a 17’ wooden boat on the wide strip of lawn between the bicycle/pedestrian path and the water on the south tip of Randall’s Island Park.

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Point of View

Point of View, by Romy Scheroder, was a playful, memorable, functional approach to public art, which took an iconic object and gave it an unexpected twist, thereby changing audiences’ perception and interactions.

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The Blog

Tenkenas Sash at night

Details after completed

After completed

Thats it! you gotta smile!

This is actual installation day 2!


The Artists

Andrew ChanAndrew Chan

Andrew Chan’s work is a commentary on the world of consumption from popular consumer products to war machines.

Katherine DanielsKatherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels explores the archetypal ideal of a garden in paradise through sculptures, installations and public art.

Jongil MaJongil Ma

Jongil Ma creates woven sculptures that take the form of large, site-specific installations.

Gregory ReynoldsGregory Reynolds

Gregory Reynolds’ work reflects on the ubiquity of trouble, on how easily things can go completely wrong.

Romy ScheroderRomy Scheroder

Romy Scheroder’s work transforms the inanimate functionality of domestic objects, particularly chairs, into lyrical figures with evolved and peculiar traits.